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The supporters club - run by fans, for the fans.

About Us


The History of the formation of WWISC (1994-1996)

The idea of a Supporters' Club at Wycombe Wanderers first reared its head back in April 1994 at the away game against Scarborough when six like minded fans got together to have a good moan about the Football Club. Principally it was the decision by the club to sell tickets to the crucial away game at Crewe on the proviso that you also had to buy a coach ticket. That caused enough discontent for certain individuals to group together and formally set up a supporters' club. A few weeks later an informal meeting was held at Hazelmere Community Centre where a decision was made to approach the Football Club for their comments on the matter.

The correspondence was addressed to the Chairman Ivor Beeks but unfortunately we never received the courtesy of a reply. Faced with this lack of recognition it was decided to officially add the word INDEPENDENT to our title and begin to publicise what we were about. A committee was formed in early August 1994 and aims and objectives were formulated concerning areas we felt the Football Club were neglecting,i.e

  • Better representation for all Supporters at Wycombe Wanderers
  • Supporters' Forums with guest speakers
  • Cheaper coach travel
  • Social events
  • A free magazine all season

WWISC had their first public meeting in September 1994 at the Post Office Club, High Wycombe. This went well with over 50 people joining up. It was at this point we realised the support for a supporters' club was definitely there and this gave us the momentum to carry on.

Other public meetings were held throughout the season with guest speakers such as Club Director Alan Parry and the local Police. The Football Club were reasonably receptive to us at this time and as a sign of our good faith WWISC donated £500 to help set up the Y.T.S.

In April 1995 the Football Club announced that it would be starting its own supporters' club the following season and invited us for talks on this matter. It did not take long to establish that what the Club wanted was in fact a membership scheme designed to make money but not to represent fans. It was felt that WWISC had nothing in common with this proposed scheme and decided to carry on as an Independent Supporters' Club. By the end of the 1994/95 season 183 fully paid up members had joined WWISC

During the summer of 1995 it was obvious that the Football Club were attempting to promote their new scheme and undermine our Supporters Club. Never the less, we carried on and it soon became apparent that even more fans wanted to join WWISC than during the previous season. What can only be described as a take over bid then occurred. This prompted us to ballot our members to put the matter of joining the new Membership scheme to rest once and for all. The result was a massive vote in favour of staying Independent. Since this decision, the Football Club originally cut all ties, therefore showing that they were not willing to have anything to do with WWISC because they have no authority over us. In recent seasons they have reluctantly accepted that WWISC is here to stay.

In October 1996 WWISC were leading campaigners to preserve the right of ordinary fans to become a member of the Football Club. A campaign that thankfully WWISC won with the help of interested parties. WWISC also realises it has responsibilities in all areas of football and has joined The National Federation Of Football Supporters Clubs, the Football Supporters Association and also has been involved in the start up of The Independent Supporters Association Network.